Aluminium Concept canopy Designs


Built in Australia, tough to suit Australian conditions, TSA Canopies are a very unique aluminium concept canopy design. Using specifically designed alloy extrusions exclusive to the canopy "not just box section" Tig welded and constructed using automotive high tech and quality sealant with excellent adhesive properties. Based on Silyl Modified Polymer suitable for making elastic constructive joints. Which results in high strength constuction and flexability. This process in our canopy build is what gives the TSA Canopy the structual strength required for Australian conditions.

Which canopy do you need? It is your choice Option1 or Option 2 see below.

It's all about the type of vehicle and driving you do and the flexability required day to day. The range overview below describes each type of canopy within the TSA Canopy family to help you decide which suits you best or the combination options that you select that is right for your application.


Option 1- Existing Tray    "Click tab to the left for more information"

This design is ideal if you want to keep your existing tray.

This Option can also allow you to use the floor of your existing tray or alternatively we can add in a integrated floor. A integrated floor would allow you to remove the canopy and keep the contents inside the canopy. Without a floor the canopy can still be removed however the contents will need to be removed. The benifit of this option is you still have the option to use the tray back as just a normal ute. Optional Jack of legs are available.


Smooth flat alloy fully painted (no paint on roof optional)                      Checker Plate finish with polished frame (standard)


Option 2 - Intergrated Canopy and Tray    "Click tab to the left for more information"

This design is ideal if you want to start from scratch and have no intention of removing the canopy. This choice also reduce's overall weight.

This option includes tray and canopy as one unit it also includes checker plate mudguards, mudflaps a tail light panel including LED tail lights. (picture's below are for illustration only)


  Checker Plate finish with polished frame (standard)                             Smooth flat alloy fully painted (excluding roof)(optional)

Optional accessories for canopies 


Built with 2.5mm heavy duty checker plate this well constructed canopy and tray options are sure to fit most tradies and recreational camping enthusiasts while not breaking the bank. The entire alloy ute canopy is manufactured off shore from marine grade alloy so it will never rust. 3 sizes available Dual Cab 1800 x 1800, Extra Cab 2100 x 1800, Single cab 2400 x 1800. All canopies are 860 High with a door opening size of 635mm. 

Options include 

1/ Bring your own tray and our canopy (given the measurements are correct) can go straight on to your tray


2/ Bring your cab chassis vehicle and we can fit an alloy tray deck and canopy combo (image, Blue Ford Ranger below)


3/ Bring your cab chassis vehicle and we can supply just an alloy tray only.  



Alloy Canopy Photos








For more detail and information please visit out TSA Canopy website at and the TSA CANOPY FACEBOOK and youtube PAGE. Click on link below


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