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Are you looking for the ultimate in traction aids? The TJM Pro Locker, tested and used by some of Australia’s ultimate extreme 4wd teams, tells you we have one of the best on the market. Add this to your list if you want a sure way of tackling almost anything that may arise in the outback, high country or even some weekend fun.

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Lockers, Diff Locks, traction locker, 4x4 traction, air operated locking differentials. We all refer to them in a different way, but one thing is for sure, if you want traction at a click of a button, call or come and see us. TJM have built the toughest, no compromise air locking differential on the market. If tackling formidable terrain is your buzz or if you are unsure if the Simpson Desert, Cape York or the Victorian high country will catch you out, then the TJM Pro Locker is your only traction choice.

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Tru Tracker 

Rear track correction systems for 70 Series Landcruiser's, TJM Brendale your northside 4x4 Mega Store has been approved as a Tru Traker Outlet. This great kit comes with new Axles brake lines and the new stub axles that allow and increase in wheel track at the rear of the vehicle, Toyota's front wheel width is 95mm wider then the rear differential housing, whilst this is OK on hard service's on soft services the rear differential is always trying to track into a wider foot pattern which makes the car very unsafe as it is continually trying to fall into the track made by the front wheels. The Tru Tracker kit will improve the handling of the vehicle and the safety improvment is dramatic. This kit is engineered and tested, more importantly ADR Approved and engineer certified. TJM Brendale are certifed installers with signed documents and approval on completion.

"ADR Approved and engineer certified"


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Extended diff breathers are a must on most trips you can tackle in Australia. For example did you know when you cross a creek with a hot differential the immediate cooling of off that differential will suck water into the differential via the diff breather. Even on a current model new vehicle the factory diff breather is only 450mm from the ground. What does this mean! Water and Oil do not mix and if they do mix then this will affect the longevity of the bearings, gears and other components in that differential. The fix! Here at TJM Brendale we sell and fit extended diff breathers. Take a look at the images below. The kit, the factory breather and an extended kit fitted to a 120 Series Prado.

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